Unemployed: The pressure

Hey fam. I’m about to roast you here, but it’s all with love

So as soon as you leave school, most people are hoping that you get a job as soon as you possibly can. Of course there are so many people that don’t go the employment way but this is to the employment folks. For most people, from the day you leave school, to the day you actually get to secure employment, you will spend every other day job hunting. Having recently completed school, I have obviously been on the job hunt side of life so basically I am airing my sentiments from experience – haha! and the process is faaaar from interesting.

Let me tell you why, everyone and their mother will be on your case about it. Mostly indirectly and though they mean well, the resultant pressure is not funny. Those comments of  ‘”Usijali, utapata kazi tu”, “don’t worry, God will make a way” can feel heartbreaking and sad . Maybe you’re not even looking for a job, or you’re looking at totally different opportunities but noooo…. You need to be employed ASAP. Some messages of reassurance are always welcome, but when every time you meet some people all they do is ask about your employment status then send some motivational statements your way, you’re going to feel pressured.

Lets say you’ve been sending applications to several places. In the fortunate event you get an an interview call.. This is how things go down..

So your interview is on day X, if your people are anything like my relatives, they will need to approve of your outfit, your makeup, your hair etc which is amazing!! Mine are so extra you just might go shopping for some outfits. They will all wake you up early (my grandmother included) just to ensure you’re not late, they will call you at the time they presume you should leave the house and about 20 minutes to the interview time to ensure you made it in good time. My family is bomb, right?! All the concern… I love them to bits.

In the event you have something like a presentation or a pitch as part of your interview, you will need to run it through some of them and even present it to them, you know, for practice and to get their feedback in case you need to make some modifications. In short they have done their best to ensure you’re well prepared, so if things don’t go well for you, you have very many people to deliver disappointing news to… and that’s where the pressure comes in. If no one knew about it, it would just slide away quietly.

There’s also a bunch of people who just …I don’t even know how to put it. One, you’re not that close but they are probably related to you somehow and know that you are jobless. You normally don’t talk much but now because you are unemployed they only contact you to ask whether you actually got a job. And if you say no, get ready to receive all the unwarranted advice the world has to offer. They will advice you on how to structure your resume, how much perfume to wear during an interview etc. So basically, you don’t have a job because you wear too much perfume. Of course, some help is most definitely appreciated but some people are just too much with it. And they got all this info off the internet and you probably already have this information because you looked it up too.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is if someone is actually seeking a job, they already have enough internal pressure. Sometimes all people want is just a day without having someone point out the fact that they don’t have a job.

No one likes to be broke, so trust me, they’re looking.









Reality Check Ahead..

As eager and excited as I am to finish my undergraduate degree (YAAAAAAAASSSSS!!!), I have some butterflies building up because then, life with all its realness and harshness shall be all up in my face.

The world, read “I” ,will expect me to be independent. No more calling Mama Bear for airtime or for salon needs and honestly it scares me a little, also read “a lot”. I have no idea what the world has in store for me. I am excited to get there but also a little frightened.

Also, I live in a neighborhood where all this fancy apartments are coming up and whenever I see a sign “Show house ready for viewing”, best believe that my friend and I shall be there to view. So as a result, I have severe apartment fever and can’t wait to have my own comfortable place to love and decorate and furnish with my own money as I please.

I have faith I shall get a job but the scariest part is getting a job that I will not love. I write this as I read for my least interesting unit’s exam. I just can’t wait to get done with it tomorrow as it has brought into perspective the thought of doing something that I do not love. My field of study has numerous possibilities and I’m not even sure what specialization I would want to take. I do not want to have to settle for anything just to make ends meet, I want to love what I do. And when I find what “it” is, I want to dedicate my all into being the best that I can at “it”.

I have all these ideas in my head about investing, about business opportunities, about maximizing on talents and interests for a career etc but they just don’t feel good enough. I don’t know when they ever will though 😦

Also, if you feel like you have something sweet for this girl to do, like a job offer, feel free to contact me 😀 I’m available from next year lol.

And of course above all this, my greatest joy would be to continue making my mother happy and proud of me. To see that what she taught me and all the sacrifices she made for me did not go to waste.

With just four more months left for me to meet the next phase of life, dear life, please be kind to this girl when she comes to meet you.

Sally, xo

You Call it Passion…

Let me start by posing a question…. Do you love what you do? or do you do what you love?

Apparently, for most of us, both questions do not apply. Funny/weird huh? So where do we belong??

Let’s just admit it, most of us you are not pursuing a career because it the reason your heart beats. More often than not, so many things other than our interests, influence the career paths we choose to take.

And no honey, this has nothing to do with me 😛 I just want the rest of you to pursue your interests like me 🙂

So now to help you answer my question….

There are three categories of people

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