Geneva: My experience.

So as promised ย in my previous postย , I am sharing some of my experiences from the trip.

After a 10 hour or so trip, we got to Geneva. We had been given instructions to board a bus that would drop us to our hotel. My mind was picturing either Rongai kind of matatus or KBS at most and I was like with all our luggage, why would they tell us to get a bus??? Also turns out a cab costs close to a plane ticket soooo….

That’s the Interior of a bus…A baby stroller can comfortably fit leaving space for more stuff

So first, we had a hard time figuring out how to leave the airport (Airports are really huuuge elsewhere) and find the right bus.

French is the language of the place!!! So finding someone to give instructions that made sense in English was a hustle. We took about half an hour to get to the bus which was just a stair case away FYI. But we got to the hotel in peace at least.

The next day, we were required to go to “Campus Biotech”. The instructions were pretty clear but they go like “walk for 3 minutes, take bus 8, alight after 4 stops then turn to road x ย and walk for 7 minutes and campus biotech will be on your left” If you’re anything like me, I took those instructions so damn literally. I had to walk with a timer…you tell me to walk for 3 minutes and that’s exactly what I do. Unfortunately, 3 minutes did not get me to the bus stop lol. And we had to do another language struggle to get directions to the right place.

Finally, we found it!!!

The next day, my mum left for a different city , Basel, and your girl was left in Geneva all alone!!!! One of the professors at the institute suggested that since my area of study deals with computers, I go check out some nuclear science place.

Sounds like a fun thing to do, right? so my map and I were going to get me to that nuclear science place. I had a map, clear demarcations on my map from the hotel reception and google maps screenshots (just in case I was in a wifi free place).

This map right here… amazeballs!!


However, I managed to almost get lost. Let me explain myself!!! They drive on the right side of the road and to me they just look like they operate in the wrong direction. I took the right bus yes but to the wrong direction. Wasn’t such a bad thing though, I don’t mind the extra tourism so I went to what looked like the shopping avenue of the city. And the best part, right next to the lake!!

I know we have lakes in Kenya, many in fact, but I have no idea why Lake Geneva just stole my heart, maybe it was the water jet, or the fact that it is smack in the middle of the city, or the fact that it is soooo damn clean( the whole of Geneva is though) but I spend a ridiculous amount of time at it. I got back to the hotel past 9 pm (after remembering that I still had a whole city to see) . It was still sunny. My mum was already back and panicking that I was lost.

The sun was still out at 9pm.

Back to the nuclear science place, I still had to see it without getting lost.


Because I was alone without a tour guide to explain what was going on, I mostly just found the place fascinating but mostly weird. I took a walk around though and a bunch of photos (of course)

cern globemicrocosmmicrosm

I wish I could explain what is going on in any of those photos but I can’t haha.

One lucky thing was that I had a free transport card for my whole stay there so I could basically board any bus or tram to anywhere and boy didn’t I use it.

Before I forget, let’s talk about the food. Besides pastries and salads, I have no idea what I ate (with the exception of McDonald’s, Subway and Starbucks). Most menus were of course in French and some meals looked like nothing I had seen before.

PS: Those are not carrots. Only the mashed potato looked familiar.

Starting from left, that was mashed potato – familiar. That orange stuff isn’t carrots, unless their carrots taste different. The next two look like some form of sim sim… no idea what they are. The last was probably a bunch of peppers, can’t quite remember.

At least I know what I ate for breakfast.

If you’re one who takes really large food portions, you’re likely going to starve.

Most people I know would find this portion really small.

The rest of my stay was pretty seamless. I had become a mwenyeji of the city. I’d wait for my mum to leave school at 5 then I’d take her around until around 10. Good thing the sun sets so late because she would have missed out on some stuff.

The Mediterranean Sea : Perks of a daytime flight.


And that was Geneva for me, I of course can’t write everything but I hope you enjoyed the little I have.





The Land of Chocolate and Watches: Switzerland

Looks like a little vacation is what I needed to get back here. It’s been so long…sigh

Early this month, I got the opportunity to travel to Switzerland… and I just can’t get over how beautiful the place is!!!

P.S I have never been anywhere out of East Africa before so if this looks basic to you, please don’t burst my bubble.

Geneva is a city in Switzerland, you may have heard of it from titles such as WHO headquarters etc. The population is quite low and one con, this city is damn expensive.. unless you work here then what you earn is adequate to sustain you. It is famous for amazing watches and of course chocolate.

The place is sooo clean, Nairobi needs to borrow a leaf or ten, with spot on public transport. You don’t even need a car there, in fact most people cycle or scooter around. How cute is it to see a fully grown man in a suit moving around the city in a scooter? I was just in awe.

Let me just let you marvel at these photos instead on going on and on…

Random public parks for people to chill and walk their dogsย 


mama bearpublic playground

The United Nations : P.S I’m crazy about fountains





Lake Geneva and its water jet : The one that stole my heart

blog headerhdr




Random Parts of the City

cernmont blanccityhdr


I have tried really hard to refrain myself from posting all 1000+ pictures I have hehe.

I hope you enjoy them.

Meanwhile, I am saving every last coin I have to travel someplace else.

This post is just to give you an overview and show you the beauty of the city…. Stay tuned for my adventures and experiences to be posted next week.