They said you were boring,

They said you were not serious,

They said they loved your company,

They said you were funny, ironic- I thought you were boring

They said they love your work ethic. How??? Were you not serious the last time I checked

Maybe we thrive better in some environments compared to others,

Maybe we show different sides of our personalities depending on the people around us,

Maybe… just maybe

So where am I going with this?

If you live your life to impress others, just so they have a favorable opinion of you, that right there is what is called a purposeless life.

If you depend on what people say to validate yourself and boost your self worth, then you need to work on finding yourself first before you let people have an opinion.

I am not saying that we should not bother to heed to what people have to say, no, some opinions are given to us for our best interests.

My point is, anyone and everyone can have an opinion but it doesn’t make it a fact. You need to decide whose is worth acting on and whose has no impact whatsoever.

Know yourself, know your worth, don’t feel obliged to prove yourself to beat some random opinions.



Exam Fever

Because I can’t let the month go without another post 🙂

Hello there,

Are you wondering why I have my hand as the featured image yet the title reads “exam fever”? Well, let me demystify it for you…

This post is inspired by my mama’s little theory..

And it states that..

“To know how busy I am or how tight my schedule is  you just  need to look at my nails”

In this case she got to know that my exams are close if not already happening because my nails look like that: short and without nail polish -which is extremely accurate; my exams begin next week.

Just as some schools enforce cutting of hair for girls with the excuse -“hair is a distraction” -which makes absolutely no sense to me-In the same light she thinks my nails would be a distraction so they are that way when I can not handle time consuming maintenance.

And to back her theory up,  photographic evidence !!!

Grumpy wake up face but nails on fleek
Grumpy wake up face but nails on fleek!

Random stretch but still nails on fleek
Random stretch but still nails on fleek

On baby sitter duty but the nails :-*
On baby sitter duty but the nails :-*

There are like a million other photos of my nails -lol- but considering my exams begin next week..I must therefore go and read:)

This must be purely coincidental – the only reason my nails look that “innocent” (like a baby’s) at the moment is because I am preparing thy hands for a massive laundry exercise :-D.




Hello people,

So I have been and still are working on something interesting that I am hoping to share with you soon!! Therefore do not question my disappearing act.

But first: Let me know how you feel about the design, I was hoping for a more lively feel while working on it.

And now to less irrelevant news 😀 I have had a story to share for quite sometime now but it hasn’t seemed succulent a story enough until today!
Sooooo…….. “DRUMROLLS”!!!!

Remember me making excuses for being inactive here some time back because I had school and work and bla bla bla…Well guess what, I have no reasons for making excuses anymore because I was … yes you guessed it..FIRED!!

I think employers enjoy this part of their lives because the reactions that come with it…*priceless!!*. I wish I could get some video footage for my reaction.

So I reported to work as usual at 2 in the afternoon. The first person I told this story was like..”At 2!!! No wonder you were fired!” and I’m positive you share similar sentiments too but hold your horses!! I got to enjoy such privileges courtesy of being in school in the morning.

So she watched me work all afternoon with the end goal in mind. Why not drop the bomb as soon as I walked in…I guess I’ll understand why when I’m in that employer position which by the way is coming very soon.

So as I was preparing to leave because the clouds were getting uglier by the minute, I was summoned to the office of doom for what was referred to as “some little chat”. I saw the timing a little weird but brushed it off and in for the little chat I went.

Then she pulled out my contract…and I knew that the day of it’s termination had come..( To be honest I had seen this coming but not that soon) and it was followed by some long speech!! I get that people need to be told why they have been fired but some people aren’t up for a background run of how incompetent they are.

Just to be clear, I am not insinuating that I am/was incompetent. Being a full time student and working at the same time is quite tough especially schedulewise. It was quite fair for the company to do so especially because I had to keep calling to change my shifts due to rescheduling of classes. I could have worked remotely but the terms of my contract were that I had to be in the office for a specified minimum amount of time.

P.S I got the job while on holiday so trying to readjust after opening school became difficult. They however told me that if I had more time they would have loved to keep me on board.

And there went my source of some little side money 😦

You Call it Passion…

Let me start by posing a question…. Do you love what you do? or do you do what you love?

Apparently, for most of us, both questions do not apply. Funny/weird huh? So where do we belong??

Let’s just admit it, most of us you are not pursuing a career because it the reason your heart beats. More often than not, so many things other than our interests, influence the career paths we choose to take.

And no honey, this has nothing to do with me 😛 I just want the rest of you to pursue your interests like me 🙂

So now to help you answer my question….

There are three categories of people

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Well well well, where do I even start.. Deafening silence has been the situation here and I apologize. Life has been a little too fast for me, but I have finally caught up with it. I was hoping to do a birthday month post but oh well, April will come again(God willing), so just accept my apology and we all move on happily.

In case you don’t feel like accepting my apology, maybe my little story here will do it for you 🙂

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Love Month Shenanigans

Hello me lovelies,

It’s the month of love 🙂 Little virtual cupcake from me. You are truly loved

I’ve been away for a while but I blame it on a million interviews and finally attempting to settle down. It’s only been one month into 2015 and you must agree with me that January felt like 3 months!!!! On the brighter side, it’s February ….the month of love… for those of you in love 🙂 For the rest of us well, another ordinary month :p

However, I’m sorry that this is short notice but I’m accepting applications for a valentine starting now!!! Deadline Feb 13th at 10 pm 😀

Anyway i choose to use this whole valentines idea to reflect on a few issues.

Valentines clicks differently on people but we all have that basic background- It’s something to do with people and ‘love’

Our gentlemen

  • 14th is a day to put on a show, and pull out all gentleman romantic cards you may have perhaps hoping to get laid at the end of it –

Ladies, if it takes a fancy dinner and some chocolate and a teddy bear maybe, to cover up for serious misbehaviour for just a day….(feel free to complete that)……. though your relationship is your business..I’m entitled to my opinion

  • For some, it’s peer pressure. Your “boys” will have something to say about you spoiling your lady so you choose not to.

Need i tell you that such a thing is stupidity on unfathomable levels?  If peer pressure stings you that bad, you need to be in your second year of high school where everyone is trying to fit in and be the “cool kid”.

  • For others, I hope most,  it’s a genuine show of affection. If this is where you fall, you are just the man after my heart 🙂

Our ladies

  •  Ladies are always a complicated bunch of people. I can attest to that because I am one of them. Only a lady would dislike another for having a better dress than hers or a better looking man than hers 😀

sometimes i tend to think we were cursed.

  Fact though is that most of you out there are waiting for Saturday to outdo each other 😀 😀 and if that’s where you fall, 2015 is going really badly for you! and you need to get a life maybe two 😀

  • Also, some of you have started being a lot nicer to that guy you were playing so hard to get for… hmmm, i wonder why. Let’s just hope your efforts are worth a ‘not ordinary Saturday’.

Else… if you have ever heard me laugh, imagine me doing it right now. It could puncture your esteem 😀 So yes I’m laughing at you right now.

  • For a big number of you though, you may be receiving some cold treatment this week 🙂 He’s probably trying to avoid the whole valentines drama, maybe a profile picture like this on whatsapp may calm you down 😀

Mary Panari 20150209_140413

So where do I fall?? Hmmm,

Happy valentines day to all.

Life a few centuries ago…..

Hello lovely people…

It is so sad that I begin every single post with apologies for going missing 😦 Allow me just one last time, technical difficulties.

Today’s post : My 2 cents on dating

Sometimes I wish I was born back in the day. Reason-dating was so much fun and real.

Back then you would make arrangements so long in advance and they would be kept!! Despite the rare communication.

I imagine it worked in such a way :

You agreed with your “bae” to meet say in two weeks at place X , and at time X, yet you lived in Ngong and he, Kiambu. And it worked! so perfectly with no communication in between. You would wait for those two weeks and meet as planned.

How you met, let’s not even go there.. But at least it wasn’t as a result of #dabotap from instagram 😀

I hope you’re getting my point though, you had to go the extra mile.

You would think that reliable communication, what we have now,  should make things better….. maybe it does but just to selected few.

Relationships nowadays are maintained by social media..which is okay since you get to talk often.

However, one person is talking to a million others- who knows what they may be saying, hmmm? Yes yes, I know you will tell me things about trust but really how often do people misuse our trust?

But my focus is not what we have now, it’s what was there back then.

I envy those ‘how we met’ stories of our parents and grandparents – They fascinate me.

I would give almost anything to have a feel of that life- send a letter and waaiiiittt for a reply, call occasionally if you were rich enough to own a telephone.

 And even if you owned a telephone, did you have the guts to have her parents pick the phone? 😀 Then you would have to explain who you were, perhaps,  or did you have timed phonecalls so she knew when to be around the phone?

Must have been interesting, don’t you think?