What is That Supposed to Mean??

… It’s story time!! Grab yourself some popcorn 🙂

So there was this one time I woke up kinda late and in a bid not to miss class i forgot to pack some tissue for the day *insert monkey emoji covering it’s eyes*. Also I’m this person who does not use the break between classes to use the washrooms because I’d rather go in the middle of a boring class. Hihi

On this day, It occurred to me that I did’t have tissue just after I had left class..So I opted to go to the shop to get some. I asked for pocket tissues because there was no way I was going to go back mid lesson with a whole roll of tissue. And the conversation with the guy selling me tissue proceeded as follows:

Shopkeeper: pocket tissue imeisha (we are out of pocket tissue)

So I start thinking, well I’m kinda pressed, i need tissue either way.

Me: basi nipee tu tissue ya kawaida (just give me regular tissue)

And he pauses and stares at my face?? *creepy* then proceeds

Shopkeeper: How is your morning?

So I’m just here like, are you being courteous, are you being creepy? No wait, you have drawn conclusions from a purchasing tissue incident??

Me: My morning is perfectly fine

Shopkeeper: Are you sure?

Me: What do you think is wrong with it???

Shopkeeper: Usijali, utazoea tu (Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it)

So I’m just like what is that supposed to mean??? What could he possibly have thought I needed tissue for??

I almost told him to keep the tissue but fortunately for him, I needed it so I still bought it either way.

And now that I was done with that problem, I had to figure out how to discreetly carry it back to class :-D. But you know I’m genius so I obviously figured it out..

Comment below and tell me what you think was going through Mr. Creepy’s head

This was the case for my thoughts

Don’t talk to me!!

Hey y’all,

Having had a crazy week of barely any healthy sleep, let me sum it up with some pep talk.

I may come off a little mean, which I have in very many cases been accused of sooo… feel free to keep misjudging me.

Lets’s get into it.

Do you ever have those moments where you really do not want to engage in conversation with anyone? You want no one talking to you and of course you shall not be talking to people either. Those times when you feel disinterested in everything? Let me enlighten you on my such situations where I need you not to talk to me

#1. I am tired

After a long day, maybe at school or from yoga, I may be just exhausted and all I am looking forward to is a cup of green tea, a shower and my bed. In such a situation, I often find it necessary to Uber it, because matatus can be a bit of a hustle sometimes.

So my Uber arrives and the driver feels the need to give me his life history, which I have no interest in. I am okay with a simple hi, how was your day, where are you going conversation but past that PLEASE don’t engage me in conversation!!!!!

#2. I am on Youtube

Hi, I’m Sally, and I’m a YouTube addict. Remember the time i paused iisuperwomanii’s video for you, Yeah me neither. If you have something to say, just wait for the 8 or so minutes and talk to me after the video. Why would you want to interrupt my entertainment session?? I don’t get those too often.

Also, I may be following a tutorial on how to do a smokey eye and you want to interrupt me while I am in the zone?? Don’t be rude, wait for me to complete my failed attempt then say what it is you need to say.

On a serious note, YouTube is the best teacher so if you interrupt my session, you are most likely interrupting my class!! So please be polite and reserve your conversation for after class, as you would a physical class.

#3. I am writing code

Luckily, the probability of you interrupting me while I code is close to nil because for some reason, programmer’s operate at the most weird hours. That’s when bugs get visible, assuming they occur in the first place. I don’t know why the world decided that code should run seamlessly in the middle of the night, I really don’t.

#4. I am writing something at the oddest time

Don’t interrupt the thinking process!!!!! I might be coming up with the cure for cancer. I have some creepy habit, or maybe not so creepy. When I have an interesting thought or something that my brain finds fascinating, I tend to write it down. So if I’m not in class or at a meeting taking notes etc and you spot me randomly writing something, do not interrupt the thought process by talking to me.

Having said that, I am one very bubbly person unless you find me in one of the above situations, I promise. I mean can’t you tell from all these stories I keep giving that you didn’t ask for??

Until next time,

Love, Sally

We’ve Moved!!!

Because change is good and we have taken that bold step.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look at your url bar. I am equally excited!!!!! Yes we are now snyambura.com. This new state may however be unstable for about 72 hours which I haven’t encountered yet. But even if you type the old url it will redirect you here 🙂

Spread the good news as far and wide as you can 🙂 The sharing buttons are down below. Comment, subscribe, follow etc. and lets be one happy family 😀

Greener Pastures

Let’s just say that my super creative mind(which may not be the case right now) came up with the title and I’m not quite sure it makes sense.

For those of you who may know me, you know that I don’t(or maybe rarely) consume some of these drinks people like to take. I’m talking about soda, “fruit” juices with a gazillion additives etc. My go to drink would be water but when I’m lucky to be at home, my go to drink is….drumrolls….. GREEN JUICE

In case you haven’t noticed, this is healthy me story number 1!!

Also, just in case you’re wondering what green juice is let me break it down for you.. It is juice that is green in color 😀 😀 but seriously it is. That is because the major ingredient is a vegetable. I like to alternate between spinach and kale – I can see you beginning to sneer-

So basically I use about a cup of kale or spinach, water and any two fruits of my choice. Spinach has quite a potent taste so if you choose to go with spinach, go for the sweet fruits like pineapples and mangoes because the spinach taste will be all over the place. Bananas are equally potent so if you use them together with any fruit, they are likely to be majority shareholder in the taste department.

If you pick kale, you can go a little lighter : apples, grapes, watermelon etc. Sometimes I add some cucumber and squeeze in a lemon.

Another thing- I like to use a blender which for many people may be a no-no. All the vegetable fibre, those things that feel like strings, are retained in the juice. This other appliances almost sieve the juice for you. I like to feel my strings in the juice, because I’m weird like that.

I try as much as possible to have at least a glass every day, mostly for dinner.

I bet you’re wondering why I would torture myself like that but this juice is amazing.

  1. It’s a way of naturally detoxing your body.
  2. It is amaaazing for your skin (of course if taken consistently)
  3. You get all the nutrients from the veggies because some get killed by heat during cooking.
  4. You feel so great after taking it, like you just eliminated your chances of contracting a lifestyle disease.

Believe me when I say that it is not even gross, but I’m pretty certain these photos tell otherwise.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In case you try to make some juice for yourself, please be so kind as to tell me how it turns out.

Have a healthy weekend,

Love, Sally


I like how general and random my posts can get which is a good thing but it also has its perks. Every time I tell someone that I write on this amazing space they ask me what I write about and my answer which does not always make me happy is “anything, just random life stories”. I have always wanted to narrow down to something and still keep the random stories for an ice breaker but I didn’t know what to narrow down to and after thinking a bit I have come to the conclusion that the things that matter to me are health, happiness and doing the best you can to feel amazing.

This is especially after looking at old photos of mine and seeing the implications of healthier life changes and as a result I am at a much happier place. Having said this, I shall classify some of my posts to incorporate extra categories on being healthy and happy. I have been working over the years to create a healthier and happier me and I have chosen to share that with you from now on.

I have never really done this because I am unsure of the audience, would you all keep reading my posts or will you take off? Regardless of your decision, I will do it anyway but of course comment and let me know what you think. This way, I can be more consistent with content and share some of the things I enjoy which felt out of place.

Reality Check Ahead..

As eager and excited as I am to finish my undergraduate degree (YAAAAAAAASSSSS!!!), I have some butterflies building up because then, life with all its realness and harshness shall be all up in my face.

The world, read “I” ,will expect me to be independent. No more calling Mama Bear for airtime or for salon needs and honestly it scares me a little, also read “a lot”. I have no idea what the world has in store for me. I am excited to get there but also a little frightened.

Also, I live in a neighborhood where all this fancy apartments are coming up and whenever I see a sign “Show house ready for viewing”, best believe that my friend and I shall be there to view. So as a result, I have severe apartment fever and can’t wait to have my own comfortable place to love and decorate and furnish with my own money as I please.

I have faith I shall get a job but the scariest part is getting a job that I will not love. I write this as I read for my least interesting unit’s exam. I just can’t wait to get done with it tomorrow as it has brought into perspective the thought of doing something that I do not love. My field of study has numerous possibilities and I’m not even sure what specialization I would want to take. I do not want to have to settle for anything just to make ends meet, I want to love what I do. And when I find what “it” is, I want to dedicate my all into being the best that I can at “it”.

I have all these ideas in my head about investing, about business opportunities, about maximizing on talents and interests for a career etc but they just don’t feel good enough. I don’t know when they ever will though 😦

Also, if you feel like you have something sweet for this girl to do, like a job offer, feel free to contact me 😀 I’m available from next year lol.

And of course above all this, my greatest joy would be to continue making my mother happy and proud of me. To see that what she taught me and all the sacrifices she made for me did not go to waste.

With just four more months left for me to meet the next phase of life, dear life, please be kind to this girl when she comes to meet you.

Sally, xo

Girl Struggles..

Hey y’all….

I’m starting my second last campus exams tomorrow and I am sooo excited..

so besides final project struggles,there are some extra struggles I think some of you can relate to, especially if you’re female so shall we?……



Taking the perfect selfie is an art. Some people are so darn gorgeous but can’t get a selfie right. If you’re one of those prepare to take some notes.. You’re welcome:

  • You must have a good side- mine is my left side. The skin is quite evenly toned, the eyebrow is better arched, the dimple looks better among other reasons.
  • You need to hold your phone strategically to make your eyes pop more, or for the lighting to hit your face just right
  • It takes about 300 selfies to get the right one: P.S 297 of them probably look identical.

And after taking the perfect selfie, now the whole world must see.. so here goes the next struggle

Instagram struggles.

Now this… do not judge me after this, but even if you do… I don’t give a *insert word of your choice* :-D.

You will strategically post it at 11 pm.

Reason: people tend to catch up on the gram in the morning and you will be on their feed.

Aim: You will gather maximum likes. And don’t pretend now, I know many of you are guilty of this, except me of course 😀

Validation Struggles

Assuming you did not post a face selfie but instead posted a mirror selfie or you nagged someone to take a photo of you, there are only a few reasons you would do this. They include:

  • some professional photographer edited you just right and we have to see how perfectly crafted you are
  • You have a new hairdo
  • That new pair of heels you bought is popping
  • You just paired your outfit fashion blogger style

I call it validation struggles because it’s like asking the public “What do you think of my new hair?” Which is perfectly amazing… the more the opinions, the better, right? 🙂

I know a majority of you can relate to this so do not take offense..

I’m just roasting myself here:-D 😀 Happens when you have exams to read for.

P.S If you’re a superwoman fan >>> iisuperwomanii a.k.a Lilly Singh.. She’s in Kenya!!!! Which makes me feels so much better about myself right now 😀

Have a lovely week ahead, as I return to my books

Chao  xo