Exam Fever

Because I can’t let the month go without another post πŸ™‚ Hello there, Are you wondering why I have my hand as the featured image yet the title reads “exam fever”? Well, let me demystify it for you… This post is inspired by my mama’s little theory.. And […]


Hello people, So I have been and still are working on something interesting that I am hoping to share with you soon!! Therefore do not question my disappearing act. But first: Let me know how you feel about the design, I was hoping for a more lively feel […]

You Call it Passion…

Let me start by posing a question…. Do you love what you do? or do you do what you love? Apparently,Β for most of us, both questions do not apply. Funny/weird huh? So where do we belong?? Let’s just admit it, most of us you are not pursuing a […]


Well well well, where do I even start.. Deafening silence has been the situation here and I apologize. Life has been a little too fast for me, but I have finally caught up with it. I was hoping to do a birthday month post but oh well, April […]

Love Month Shenanigans

Hello me lovelies, It’s the month of love πŸ™‚ Little virtual cupcake from me. You are truly loved I’ve been away for a while but I blame it on a million interviews and finally attempting to settle down. It’s only been one month into 2015 and you must […]

Life a few centuries ago…..

Hello lovely people… It is so sad that I begin every single post with apologies for going missing 😦 Allow me just one last time, technical difficulties. Today’s post : My 2 cents on dating Sometimes I wish I was born back in the day. Reason-dating was so […]

When it’s time to let go

This may be a rather sensitive topic but it is the sad reality for most of us. I know you are probably thinking heartbreak wise(relationships) but no, no boy talk today, my focus is on single parent families. More often than not, single parent families have just one […]

Oh be careful little mouth….

Do we ever stop to think about the consequences of the things we say or do we just let reflex take over and term it asΒ being “straightforward” or “blunt”. Our bluntness is not always necessary sometimes but really, everyone is entitled to an opinion at the end of […]

Guess who’s on holiday :)

The loooonng awaited holiday!!!! It’s finally here πŸ™‚ I just have to rub this in today because i have finished my exams on a Monday while other people go all the way to Friday :p These exams seem to know that i would have wanted my weekend to […]

The Art of Texting : Tutorials

Yes!! I just have to address this issue because of the annoying texts i get day in day out. Notice that i called it an art- you need to learn it and get better with continuous practise. πŸ˜€ This especially applies to stalkers and “new texters”. The stalkers […]