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The Art of Resolutions

How are your resolutions coming along thus far? Probably not too good as has always been the case, right? lol 😀 Allow me to give you some insight on this whole resolution concept because clearly most of us have not mastered the art. Don’t make them Let me […]

Reflections: 2016

Is it too late to be posting this one week into the year? If it is, well… too bad because I’m still posting it now 😀 Hello there, I hope 2017 is taking you well so far, with all your resolutions and everything (that may already be failing). […]

We’ve Moved!!!

Because change is good and we have taken that bold step. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look at your url bar. I am equally excited!!!!! Yes we are now This new state may however be unstable for about 72 hours which I haven’t encountered yet. […]


I like how general and random my posts can get which is a good thing but it also has its perks. Every time I tell someone that I write on this amazing space they ask me what I write about and my answer which does not always make […]

Reality Check Ahead..

As eager and excited as I am to finish my undergraduate degree (YAAAAAAAASSSSS!!!), I have some butterflies building up because then, life with all its realness and harshness shall be all up in my face. The world, read “I” ,will expect me to be independent. No more calling […]


They said you were boring, They said you were not serious, They said they loved your company, They said you were funny, ironic- I thought you were boring They said they love your work ethic. How??? Were you not serious the last time I checked Maybe we thrive […]

Exam Fever

Because I can’t let the month go without another post 🙂 Hello there, Are you wondering why I have my hand as the featured image yet the title reads “exam fever”? Well, let me demystify it for you… This post is inspired by my mama’s little theory.. And […]


Hello people, So I have been and still are working on something interesting that I am hoping to share with you soon!! Therefore do not question my disappearing act. But first: Let me know how you feel about the design, I was hoping for a more lively feel […]

You Call it Passion…

Let me start by posing a question…. Do you love what you do? or do you do what you love? Apparently, for most of us, both questions do not apply. Funny/weird huh? So where do we belong?? Let’s just admit it, most of us you are not pursuing a […]


Well well well, where do I even start.. Deafening silence has been the situation here and I apologize. Life has been a little too fast for me, but I have finally caught up with it. I was hoping to do a birthday month post but oh well, April […]