What is That Supposed to Mean??

… It’s story time!! Grab yourself some popcorn 🙂

So there was this one time I woke up kinda late and in a bid not to miss class i forgot to pack some tissue for the day *insert monkey emoji covering it’s eyes*. Also I’m this person who does not use the break between classes to use the washrooms because I’d rather go in the middle of a boring class. Hihi

On this day, It occurred to me that I did’t have tissue just after I had left class..So I opted to go to the shop to get some. I asked for pocket tissues because there was no way I was going to go back mid lesson with a whole roll of tissue. And the conversation with the guy selling me tissue proceeded as follows:

Shopkeeper: pocket tissue imeisha (we are out of pocket tissue)

So I start thinking, well I’m kinda pressed, i need tissue either way.

Me: basi nipee tu tissue ya kawaida (just give me regular tissue)

And he pauses and stares at my face?? *creepy* then proceeds

Shopkeeper: How is your morning?

So I’m just here like, are you being courteous, are you being creepy? No wait, you have drawn conclusions from a purchasing tissue incident??

Me: My morning is perfectly fine

Shopkeeper: Are you sure?

Me: What do you think is wrong with it???

Shopkeeper: Usijali, utazoea tu (Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it)

So I’m just like what is that supposed to mean??? What could he possibly have thought I needed tissue for??

I almost told him to keep the tissue but fortunately for him, I needed it so I still bought it either way.

And now that I was done with that problem, I had to figure out how to discreetly carry it back to class :-D. But you know I’m genius so I obviously figured it out..

Comment below and tell me what you think was going through Mr. Creepy’s head

This was the case for my thoughts


Hello people,

So I have been and still are working on something interesting that I am hoping to share with you soon!! Therefore do not question my disappearing act.

But first: Let me know how you feel about the design, I was hoping for a more lively feel while working on it.

And now to less irrelevant news 😀 I have had a story to share for quite sometime now but it hasn’t seemed succulent a story enough until today!
Sooooo…….. “DRUMROLLS”!!!!

Remember me making excuses for being inactive here some time back because I had school and work and bla bla bla…Well guess what, I have no reasons for making excuses anymore because I was … yes you guessed it..FIRED!!

I think employers enjoy this part of their lives because the reactions that come with it…*priceless!!*. I wish I could get some video footage for my reaction.

So I reported to work as usual at 2 in the afternoon. The first person I told this story was like..”At 2!!! No wonder you were fired!” and I’m positive you share similar sentiments too but hold your horses!! I got to enjoy such privileges courtesy of being in school in the morning.

So she watched me work all afternoon with the end goal in mind. Why not drop the bomb as soon as I walked in…I guess I’ll understand why when I’m in that employer position which by the way is coming very soon.

So as I was preparing to leave because the clouds were getting uglier by the minute, I was summoned to the office of doom for what was referred to as “some little chat”. I saw the timing a little weird but brushed it off and in for the little chat I went.

Then she pulled out my contract…and I knew that the day of it’s termination had come..( To be honest I had seen this coming but not that soon) and it was followed by some long speech!! I get that people need to be told why they have been fired but some people aren’t up for a background run of how incompetent they are.

Just to be clear, I am not insinuating that I am/was incompetent. Being a full time student and working at the same time is quite tough especially schedulewise. It was quite fair for the company to do so especially because I had to keep calling to change my shifts due to rescheduling of classes. I could have worked remotely but the terms of my contract were that I had to be in the office for a specified minimum amount of time.

P.S I got the job while on holiday so trying to readjust after opening school became difficult. They however told me that if I had more time they would have loved to keep me on board.

And there went my source of some little side money 😦

Welcome Aboard

My very first “post”( for lack of a better word). This is just to usher in the greatness that awaits you all 🙂   P.S Don’t take that too seriously, i have to say these things to myself to keep going.

I am hoping you will be entertained and possibly collect a few punchlines to use in future .  This is  majorly about a few life occurrences that may have made an impact in my life. Enjoy 🙂

Welcome aboard