Meet Sally,

The author behind all this greatness, a computer scientist who is passionate about living a healthy and happy life.

I like to read and write among other things that make me happy. I like to give random stories about my life events but the way life is, not too often do I have something interesting worthy of your time. But when I do, you know I will not leave you out on the juice.

Other than that, I have made life changes to impact my health and happiness owing to the fact that a couple of years back, I was one obese and slightly unhappy individual. It took two nasty remarks to give me the wake up call I very much needed and I have never looked back.

I could not afford a fancy trainer or regular gym membership at the time but that did not hinder me from losing the extra pounds. Though it was a slow process, I am now 20 kgs lighter and just 4 kgs away from my ideal weight (according to B.M.I standards) and much much happier about myself.

This space is a way to motivate and encourage you as well as give you some tips that could help you be a healthier and happier person.

Life . Health . Hapiness

Love, Sally


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