Pet Peeve..

Helloooo there,

I give up on apologizing for inconsistency. Seriously I do. I’m probably those one hit wonder kind of people 🙂 so at this point I request that you just take me as I am.

I however want to vent, complain,  rant… whatever you want to call it about certain basic things that are possibly a major pet peeve for a majority of us.

We all know of a person in society who has taken time to develop a reputation, someone you think of highly. For instance, those geniuses in your class or those who bag employee of the month ‘awards’ at your work place… such people, we know them. It terribly annoys me when such a person cannot do something as simple as spell basic words right or come up with a grammatically correct sentence.

I am not trying to say that I have the best English on the planet, in fact that statement feels wrong, but have you ever received an email from such a person and you have to confirm who it came from because the quality of language there…. SAD.

Or you go to some conference where someone has a gazillion titles to their name, is probably the guest speaker and you can’t wait for that speech of a lifetime you expect they will deliver but the minute they start speaking…SAD.

P.S, I am referring to language and how polished it is. Not accent, mother tongue interference or such variables.

I had a boss who would get very agitated because you missed a comma or had the spacing wrong between colons (hers is on another level though ) so you can imagine what effect wrong spellings had on her. And as a result, we had grammar sessions for at least fifteen minutes everyday :-D.

So my people, heed my advice, carry it in your hearts (and other such statements 🙂 )for you will thank me one day. You need to learn to communicate effectively, it complements the skill that may be the cause of your reputation and makes you more appealing to society.

Until next time,

Happy valentine’s in advance


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    1. S.Nyambura says:

      Haha yes, what are chills ??😂
      Thank you so much for stopping by😊😊 . much appreciated


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