Exam Fever

Because I can’t let the month go without another post 🙂

Hello there,

Are you wondering why I have my hand as the featured image yet the title reads “exam fever”? Well, let me demystify it for you…

This post is inspired by my mama’s little theory..

And it states that..

“To know how busy I am or how tight my schedule is  you just  need to look at my nails”

In this case she got to know that my exams are close if not already happening because my nails look like that: short and without nail polish -which is extremely accurate; my exams begin next week.

Just as some schools enforce cutting of hair for girls with the excuse -“hair is a distraction” -which makes absolutely no sense to me-In the same light she thinks my nails would be a distraction so they are that way when I can not handle time consuming maintenance.

And to back her theory up,  photographic evidence !!!

Grumpy wake up face but nails on fleek
Grumpy wake up face but nails on fleek!

Random stretch but still nails on fleek
Random stretch but still nails on fleek

On baby sitter duty but the nails :-*
On baby sitter duty but the nails :-*

There are like a million other photos of my nails -lol- but considering my exams begin next week..I must therefore go and read:)

This must be purely coincidental – the only reason my nails look that “innocent” (like a baby’s) at the moment is because I am preparing thy hands for a massive laundry exercise :-D.




Author: S.Nyambura

Am Sally- Your normal kind of girl, computer programmer, blogger among others. This blog is my little platform to share my life's little things. Thanks for stopping by xx

16 thoughts

  1. oh dearie…i love this post.especially since ive been chewing on my nails because of cats and what not. turns out you are a superhuman or just not a statistic.all the best in your exams though.


  2. That’s one interesting theory your mother has 😃.

    About the issue of girls cutting their hair, it was pretty common in Kitui where I was at high school. Didn’t make sense to me either.

    All the best in your exams!


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