Love Month Shenanigans

Hello me lovelies,

It’s the month of love πŸ™‚ Little virtual cupcake from me. You are truly loved

I’ve been away for a while but I blame it on a million interviews and finally attempting to settle down. It’s only been one month into 2015 and you must agree with me that January felt like 3 months!!!! On the brighter side, it’s February ….the month of love… for those of you in love πŸ™‚ For the rest of us well, another ordinary month :p

However, I’m sorry that this is short notice but I’m accepting applications for a valentine starting now!!! Deadline Feb 13th at 10 pm πŸ˜€

Anyway i choose to use this whole valentines idea to reflect on a few issues.

Valentines clicks differently on people but we all have that basic background- It’s something to do with people and ‘love’

Our gentlemen

  • 14th is a day to put on a show, and pull out all gentleman romantic cards you may have perhaps hoping to get laid at the end of it –

Ladies, if it takes a fancy dinner and some chocolate and a teddy bear maybe, to cover up for serious misbehaviour for just a day….(feel free to complete that)……. though your relationship is your business..I’m entitled to my opinion

  • For some, it’s peer pressure. Your “boys” will have something to say about you spoiling your lady so you choose not to.

Need i tell you that such a thing is stupidity on unfathomable levels? Β If peer pressure stings you that bad, you need to be in your second year of high school where everyone is trying to fit in and be the “cool kid”.

  • For others, I hope most, Β it’s a genuine show of affection. If this is where you fall, you are just the man after my heart πŸ™‚

Our ladies

  • Β Ladies are always a complicated bunch of people. I can attest to that because I am one of them. Only a lady would dislike another for having a better dress than hers or a better looking man than hers πŸ˜€

sometimes i tend to think we were cursed.

Β  Fact though is that most of you out there are waiting for Saturday to outdo each other πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ and if that’s where you fall, 2015 is going really badly for you! and you need to get a life maybe two πŸ˜€

  • Also, some of you have started being a lot nicer to that guy you were playing so hard to get for… hmmm, i wonder why. Let’s just hope your efforts are worth a ‘not ordinary Saturday’.

Else… if you have ever heard me laugh, imagine me doing it right now. It could puncture your esteem πŸ˜€ So yes I’m laughing at you right now.

  • For a big number of you though, you may be receiving some cold treatment this week πŸ™‚ He’s probably trying to avoid the whole valentines drama, maybe a profile picture like this on whatsapp may calm you down πŸ˜€

Mary Panari 20150209_140413

So where do I fall?? Hmmm,

Happy valentines day to all.

14 Comments Add yours

  1. Well it didn’t turn out so bad after going missing on Friday the 13th and resurfacing on Monday πŸ˜€


  2. TheReelRhee says:

    Haha laughs then punches sally for exposing how cursed we are! Xx


    1. snyambura says:

      Lol, it’s not a secret :p


  3. Interesting point of view! Love is so complicated I tell ya!


    1. snyambura says:

      I couldn’t agree more!! Thank you so much for stopping by πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Nauri says:

    Awesome point of views in there. You gonna be a one great blogger sooner than later. I would ask you to be my Valentine’s but fear to title your next article. I however would say that it’s better you, Coz you know you not wasting on anyone particular than those who would realise they are the options and alternatives.


    1. snyambura says:

      That titling my next article part lol….
      Thanks for stopping by


  5. kanja says:

    Hilarious as always! I agree with the comments; if Sally is laughing at you, you best be getting a life… or two!


    1. snyambura says:

      Hehe…. Glad to make you laugh
      Thanks for religiously stopping by πŸ™‚


  6. Sophie says:

    Wooi. Lemme just keep the outcome to myself #hides


  7. Sophie says:

    Goodness!! Well put m’dear.
    And I can imagine the laugh…. Woe unto you if Sal is laughing at you.

    I should recheck that thou.. Myt be in that category. ^o^


    1. snyambura says:

      Haha, already…. As long as you enjoy yourself…its never that serious



  8. edith says:

    nice piece! You said it quite well!!!
    lool ‘stupidity on unfathomable leveled
    ps.i know your laugh and i feel sorry for whoever’s being laughed at.


    1. snyambura says:

      Is it not stupidity..hihi i laugh less nowadays lol.
      Your presence is always appreciated



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