When it’s time to let go

This may be a rather sensitive topic but it is the sad reality for most of us. I know you are probably thinking heartbreak wise(relationships) but no, no boy talk today, my focus is on single parent families.

More often than not, single parent families have just one kid who in their early years is the parent’s “whole world”. Things like dating are often never part of the plan. Their thinking – my baby and I against the world, which may discourage potential suitors.

From the child’s side, there is often a strong attachment to the parent and anyone who seems to be interested in being the parent’s better half meets some opposition. It feels like competition and the child gets jealous. What they don’t realise is that when they are grown up and in campus, wanting to move out, mummy or daddy will be left alone. We really don’t want that for our parents.

Now there comes the hard part, letting go…

We love our parents so much and they love us too but there comes a time when we need to use this common line we hear around “If you’re happy,  then I’m happy”- if so and so makes your parent happy, you should be supportive and be happy for your parent as well. I understand perfectly that it is not easy to warm up to a stranger in that form, with some thoughts in mind that they may move into your home and possibly take up some parenting roles. In fact, you are likely to disapprove of the lady or gentleman your parent chooses.

The same way your mother or father kept telling you about that boy who was not good for you is exactly the same way you react. Eventually you will be independent and perhaps start your own family, something you didn’t think about when you were clinging on to your parent instead of letting them be.

I’m sure being a single parent is pretty hard and some companionship other than that of your child is chicken soup to the soul.

If anyone reading this is a child in a single parent family, please be supportive of your parent going out there and meeting someone. You will not always be there for them the way this other person will. And you never know how this other person may impact your life, so give them a chance. Don’t cling unrealistically onto your parent.



Author: S.Nyambura

Am Sally- Your normal kind of girl, computer programmer, blogger among others. This blog is my little platform to share my life's little things. Thanks for stopping by xx

14 thoughts

  1. Today i got time and went through all your posts, GIRL,aren’t you talented!
    Keep up the good work and i need another post soon, now am hungry for them.
    I especially loved the wife material one


  2. I don’t know about single parents or being a single child but I think our culture hasn’t allowed single parents out there to fully embrace moving on, dating and possibly getting another spouse. It’s still kind of a new concept in our society.


    1. now that’s a post I understand and agree that with.
      I truly hope when the time comes if it ever comes, you’ll let go.


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