Oh be careful little mouth….

Do we ever stop to think about the consequences of the things we say or do we just let reflex take over and term it as being “straightforward” or “blunt”.

Our bluntness is not always necessary sometimes but really, everyone is entitled to an opinion at the end of the day.

Often, we speak and later wish we could take it back.

A few thoughts crossed my mind concerning things we sometimes “carelessly” say and I thought I could share my opinion on some of those situations.

Example 1

Dear gentlemen, you thought you had her in your pocket only to get a huge stop sign, 😀 Take heart these things happen.

You think you treated her right and she was still shaky about you, then maybe it was the things you SAID that put her off!

Small remarks given in certain circumstances with the intention of perhaps being funny , can warrant a lot of judgement .. Please re-assess your sense of humour :p – someone finds it offensive.

 We had a few stripping incidences going on sometime back because apparently the ladies were “indecently dressed “. That is in quotes because it is simply someone’s opinion.

So you and your lady are having small talk and the topic comes to the table, and of course your opinion on the matter will be sought.

And being the “man” you are you say something like :

“The ladies are definitely to blame, if they want to show off so much skin then it’s only right that we allow them to show off all of it! “

I heard that from someone and i gasped in disbelief… I had to convince myself that i heard it wrong, I mean i couldn’t even speak about the topic further after such a statement.

In other words, you are in support of the act!! Such a statement depicts a lot about how you view things, and of course she is not impressed.

Stop Sign!!!
Stop Sign!!! It’s what you said

And just like that she lost interest in you- because of what you SAID!

Example 2

Today, the 3rd day of January 2015, “KE Instagrammers” as we have been called, have been seriously attacked! the men especially. I may not be a man but that one hit me too because I am on Instagram!! Infact, i just added the instagram widget to my blog last week!!!! hehe, that timing couldn’t get better. I feel for my dear men and also I happen to live in one of those places that keep being attacked in all her articles.

Now the irony is that I learnt about this “hate speech” from this very instagram that is being condemned.

(Dear *author of article*, Instagram ain’t as terrible as you think it is :p ) I think i now have a slight feel of why people produce come back songs because i soooo badly feel like doing a comeback blog post!!

A number of ladies out there including myself may not mind men on instagram – as long as you don’t keep posting photos of yourself abusing drugs every other day and thinking how “cool” it is ! Photos are just markers of memories, nothing too serious.

My point, things  said  written about we instagrammers were really harsh. They may be true for some people but that’s just stereotyping. Kenyan Instagrammers are toooo many for anyone to judge them all the same.

There are probably no consequences to this, except unkind funny memes here and there.

Not to forget though, we don’t live to impress others so please maintain your opinion whatsoever as you enjoy this post :p – It’s my opinion 🙂

I hope 2015 is taking you well so far.


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Author: S.Nyambura

Am Sally- Your normal kind of girl, computer programmer, blogger among others. This blog is my little platform to share my life's little things. Thanks for stopping by xx

25 thoughts

  1. nice read my dear.
    i agree with you. althouugh the KeInstragrammers had a bit of some truth.. and it applied to both sex..in my opinion her only mistake was only generalising that all men on intragram are the same.


  2. I see my wisdom is rubbing of on you
    :-P…… Bt the topic abt dressing wat you heard wasn’t even tht bad…. There some comments that came out of tht topic that made me ask if people are really people or animals


  3. I totally agree with you,that kind of attack on KE instagrammers is totally uncalled for,so a man shouldn’t be on IG simply because he lives in south B or flaunt his Subaru just cause someone somewhere has a better car that they aren’t “showing off” ,please, he could be on his first job so cut him some slack, and I’ll get back to that filter issue in a moment.
    Actually I support the counter blog post idea, waiting for it.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Not lamenting as such, hehe but on starting a blog, that would be the least of my inspiration, not to mean that I haven’t thought about that yet, give it time: )


  4. Honey Boo…

    My ex-classmate Ms. instagram-hater hit a raw nerve but in time you’ll see.. She’s trying to create a niche writing hatespeech and more so attacking her own gender.. She’s shallow like that..just scurry on…

    Meanwhile.. I want coldstone ice cream


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