Guess who’s on holiday :)

The loooonng awaited holiday!!!! It’s finally here πŸ™‚ I just have to rub this in today because i have finished my exams on a Monday while other people go all the way to Friday :p
These exams seem to know that i would have wanted my weekend to go on for quite a while. My Jamhuri weekend was just the bomb!!!!

P.S : I’m on holiday until May so if you need someone to manicure your lawns or take your dogs for a walk , just hit me up and i will VOLUNTARILY get to it.

Hehe, how we must start the holiday with some invalid dreams… No lawn manicures from me :p- do NOT hit me up!! πŸ™‚

Honestly i don’t exactly have much to say i just want to waste your time a little, oh plus I’m hoping I have been missed around here


“Bae” chronicles

updates will be coming up soon. However, current status of the situation appears to be “bae-gone” so stay tuned!! If you missed the introduction to bae chronicles , please rush to my last post Blind date


Well, I choose to call this currently blank suspense. You just have to wait for the others :p

And of course being a holiday, I am fully at your service- Entertainment round the clock except, of course, when I shall be walking your dogs.

I must add that I am looking forward to 2015. This particular year has been quite a challenge and has taught me more than I could ever ask for. Maybe I should do a recap of the year, or maybe not – I would hate to bore you.

Now this is what they call impulse blogging, but how else would you know that I’m still around πŸ™‚
Real content is on its way- stay tuned.
Happy long holidays to me!!!!(I am not self centered, just excited!!!)


Author: S.Nyambura

Am Sally- Your normal kind of girl, computer programmer, blogger among others. This blog is my little platform to share my life's little things. Thanks for stopping by xx

4 thoughts

  1. Dudu ( yes, I called you that, on the internet..),
    Soo, My 15dogs, I need a walker, poop collector and all round general factotum.. Meals and a place to sleep shall be provided… πŸ™‚

    As I await these bae-chronicles…


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