The Art of Texting : Tutorials

Yes!! I just have to address this issue because of the annoying texts i get day in day out. Notice that i called it an art- you need to learn it and get better with continuous practise. πŸ˜€

This especially applies to stalkers and “new texters”.

The stalkers
Of course i shall ask you to identify yourself in as much detail as possible for obvious reasons.

However, typical stalker behaviour – BASELESS lies!!! for instance, you can’t go telling me we met at a car park at Kenya Science and I was in a hurry to leave so I gave you my number.(i’m laughing as I write this, too hilarious πŸ˜€ How did he even come up with that?)

Let’s break down that lie and give a few tips for future use.( You’re welcome- whoever picks something up)

First : We met at a car park in Kenya science – I cannot recall ever being to Kenya Science ever!!!

Some advice- do some stalker research, Learn a few areas i frequent then at least lie that we met at one of them.

Second: I was in a hurry to leave so i gave you my number??

I can’t even advice here , I mean HELLO…..IT’S MY NUMBER NOT MY BUSINESS CARD! I just don’t dish it out, again for obvious reasons. We need to have at least conversed before you get it. Β So at least lie that we spoke , I could buy the lie since i don’t always keep track of all the people i talk to.

Non-stalkers(new texters).

I should start by telling you, I am reactive when dealing with new people – you need to “get this party started” and I shall respond appropriately. It’s qualities like these that make me come off a snob perhaps, but I’m pretty sure I’m speaking for many.

If you just started texting recently, i am not in any way trying to discourage you. Just a few points to note and we will live happily ever after πŸ™‚

  1. You are not required to keep track of me – You do not have to ask if Β I have had my breakfast or lunch or even go into the details of asking what exactly it is I ate. Once in a while you could ask, but every other day, you are not my nutritionist. I assume you have enough things to do to include keeping track of my meals in your agenda.Β  My point- be creative and i will surely flow along appropriately.
  2. You can’t possibly tell me “okay” or “hehe” or “cool” Β or “lol” and many other equivalents and expect a reply. Now, I have pondered seriously over this and I still come to the conclusion- they are conversation terminators. So the only other way i can respond is if i bring up a whole other topic. Remember at this stage I am reactive, i could make some pro-active effort but only to a certain extent.
  3. I would prefer if you wrote things correctly.
  • Β I don’t understand why people substitute “th” with “d” . e.g “dat” to mean “that”, “dey” to mean “they”- Technology has moved towards qwerty keypads, it doesn’t take you so much time to type “th”.
  • Though this has faded away, I must mention it. Do not substitute “s” with “x”. That is just a criminal offence!!! No examples, i can’t get my hands to type “x” where there should be an “s”. This warrants no reply!!

On to a lighter note, life is not that serious and texting is a casual act. Do it however it pleases you πŸ™‚ But if you apply the above, you may thank me one day.

Lovely November! I can smell Christmas already πŸ™‚





Author: S.Nyambura

Am Sally- Your normal kind of girl, computer programmer, blogger among others. This blog is my little platform to share my life's little things. Thanks for stopping by xx

15 thoughts

  1. Nice blog.This is a one of a kind post from a one of a kind lady.I agree with you mostly but this behavior of checking in on every meal I have seen from the female gender as well.Perhaps those who do this expect the same in return.I associate it with a “neediness” as some ladies will complain you do not give them enough attention as you do not call them or check up on them every 4/5 times per day.


    1. Well, we are all different but I think attention can be given in other more interesting ways . Maybe others like being asked about their meals.. Lol.

      Just know who your dealing with and do what they seem to like. Thank you so much for stopping by


    1. The lousiest of sweet nothings sometimes do magic. For example- i got this from a friend.

      Guy (after you know names and general basics)- So what do you do?
      Girl : She’ll say whatever she does
      Guy(i can’t remember the exact words though) : You should try modelling, that’s too much beauty going to waste right there.
      Girl : Major blushing and now super interested

      Be creative with a little kuchocha :). If you use this exact one though, You didn’t get it from me if it fails

      Glad you stopped by πŸ™‚


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