The Friend Zone

Ladies am sure you’re guilty of having some hopeful man in that zone.

Men, it must feel bad to be put there against your wish but i must say, if you are in that zone – IT IS YOUR FAULT. You all have different hunting strategies, of course stick to what works for you.

You may be thinking you’re scoring some points  because she tells you “Aaaawww that’s so sweet” 😀 😀 .  My friend, that is not exactly the best of signs. You are approaching the zone!! —–*Red Lights!!*—–

Not for me though, i say that to everyone,  including conductors. Of course am joking!!! but point is I say “aaaww” a lot!

Keep some classy distance, of course be there when it’s necessary but don’t go shopping with her- That’s dangerous for you! I think, if your intentions are known the higher your chances of a successful hunt. You shall become the best of friends when you’re done hunting, but while you are still at it, be just that- a hunter!!

Recently a good friend of mine decided he wanted out of that zone- Very risky move! Because if your escape from the zone fails miserably you will end up an enemy or “somebody that I used to know”. Due to the fact that I don’t take life too seriously, i thought to myself,  “why not? It may be interesting.” However, it felt like a prank- It felt like someone somewhere had placed a bet on the success of this move and i would be the laughing stock if i succumbed  so i had to approach with caution.

For a few months it was:  “Interested this week,  last person i want to see or talk to next week, am busy the other week, i may miss you the other week”- That kind of life. So of course it got boring and my hunter decided to go MIA (Missing In Action) for around a month.

Well, my mother didn’t raise me to wait around for hopeless situations so the joke had to end and that became a forgotten story. A couple of weeks later(notice how there was no communication whatsoever) we happened to bump into each other and a few harsh words may have flown around from me especially, to officially put a stop to this situation. Maybe it would have turned out different had he not been an old friend before bringing up this messy situation.

This is one of those unsuccessful attempts out of the zone.  And that is how I lost a friend 😦

Dear men,tactfully work your strategy out of the zone if you want out or better don’t get into it in the first place. Attempting to leave is quite risky- better half a loaf than none!!




Author: S.Nyambura

Am Sally- Your normal kind of girl, computer programmer, blogger among others. This blog is my little platform to share my life's little things. Thanks for stopping by xx

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  1. Yes…. ever watched your dister go through something you know all yoo well but you cannot do anything about it… yeah.. That’s what all this felt like…


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