“I forgot” -Such a lame excuse

Have you ever made a mistake that you really didn’t intend to make but still ended up making it anyway? Well, here is my story…

One of my really close friends is a new employee somewhere,

Wrong 1 – I don’t know where, i just know it’s near Valley Arcade. Of course i would want to know but i find it inappropriate to ask, reasons- I would probably need another post to explain that.

Right 1 – The day of his interview, I got late for class waiting for  a call he’d promised to make at two to tell me how the interview went. I was itching to call and ask but again, i thought it inappropriate. Being an interview, you never know what happened so i had to be patient, but my patience run out at like 5 o’clock, i just had to ask something.

Wrong 2 – I didn’t ask how his first day of work was. I have no excuse for that.

Now to the mother of all wrongs.

He broke a co-worker’s laptop screen and was required to have it fixed by the next morning. My huge mistake – i didn’t ask how that went.

Here is where my wrongly timed forgetfulness comes in: I was actually going to ask, i even temporarily woke up at like 7 a.m but i thought it too early to ask plus am sure he hadn’t arrived at the office yet, so i went back to sleep until around 12(it’s not a norm, I sometimes need some rest. Don’t go thinking i sleep too much). When i got started on my work, it completely slipped my mind. And i actually apologized for it.

P.S I have typical girl problems – WE DON’T LIKE TO APOLOGIZE- So when i actually do, i really mean it.

I think I even got a little teary(That’s how much i hate to disappoint).  But he eventually told me and it was nothing too serious!!!!  After my apology! and he telling me how “he almost got fired”!! Anyway, i was sincerely sorry.

Definitely less forgetfulness next time 🙂




11 Comments Add yours

  1. Sophie says:

    I ‘forget’ and forget all the time!! And yes, ego ya mwanamke. I totally agree with this one! Hihihi


  2. TheReelRhee says:

    i got lost reading this one…hahaha



    1. snyambura says:

      I think it was more of itch blogging… It just happened. You have no idea how glad I am you stopped by!!!!! Thanks


  3. Francis says:

    So its actually a girls thing not to apologise is it ego ama…..


    1. snyambura says:

      haha, sweety sijui its just there


  4. haha..nice piece..true though


  5. Ms.Kihara says:

    I think you’re making too many assumptions. Kuuliza sii ujinga.


      1. Ms.Kihara says:

        Sawa… ♡♥


  6. Andrew says:

    Favorite mistake. Apology always does the trick


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