Is he your boyfriend??

Maybe its just me but no matter how old you THINK(note the emphasis) you are and are still in campus, your mama will not be so comfortable with the idea of you having a man in your life. Times are changing but we’re still in Kenya, some old habits die hard.

Today is my good friend’s birthday so he just had to be my whatsapp profile picture!! I do that with all significant parties in my life. P.S The “my profile picture spot” is highly competitive, so if you ever get there, count it an addition to your achievements πŸ™‚

So my mum hit me with that dreadful text:

“Who is that on your profile picture, is he your boyfriend?”

I was a little sleepy at the time but after that text, i think i will be up for at least four more hours. He is not the first man on that spot so i wonder why she chose to question this one, though actually he is not my boyfriend. So i replied that he was just a good friend .Β  Of course even if he was, i would not admit it, not to her.

I was hoping this uncomfortable story was over until i saw “typing…” for like five minutes. I do not like that kind of suspense at all!! It felt like she was drafting some serious lecture, really serious, why else would she be typing that long?

Turns out that she is just a little slow *happy dance*. It was nothing too serious πŸ™‚

My dear sleep, the coast is clear, you can now return.

Have a blessed night!



Author: S.Nyambura

Am Sally- Your normal kind of girl, computer programmer, blogger among others. This blog is my little platform to share my life's little things. Thanks for stopping by xx

13 thoughts

  1. Hehe… she should take the appropriate cues.. look at the pic then read the update. If you’re still drawing blanks, call and ask.., imlearnt!!!


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